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Nobject I

2013-04-28 06:01:15 by ecohead

I can't get it. I just wanna share with you the whole album of "music". But I don't know how to do it. I can only add single songs. yelp T_T


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2013-04-28 10:10:57

You want to upload a full album you've made? Best way would be to upload the songs one by one, then make a playlist for all songs in the album. You can add cover images to playlists too.

ecohead responds:

ah, playlists! such a great tip, thank you so much!


2013-04-28 10:43:16

No problem. :) There's an upload limit on 2 tracks/day though, but maybe you've already noticed that.

ecohead responds:

nah, i'm newbie here :D thanks for the help)