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2013-04-29 00:59:36 by ecohead

Yay! Finally uploaded the whole album of my first-time-trying-to-make-electronic-music stuff :D and I've made a playlist, so you can check it out on my page, I guess)) Hope you enjoy it :]
p.s. I also have acoustic guitar songs where I am singing and so on. But not really sure that I should upload it) If you are interested, just let me know :]
p.p.s forgot about one thing. actually, the album I've uploaded can be devided into several parts. Kinda, first four songs are all about education, not actually studying and all, but about the first experience itself I'd say; the first break and childhood tracks are two mentally glued pieces of childhood memories - bright, naive and strange sometimes; the seventh to the ninth tracks are in chain of cancer theme - since when you learn that you have a cancer till you visit chemotherapy; then comes strange vibrations from very distant places in space and; you fall in love with all the consequences ;]

so, that's it :]



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